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What You Ought to Know About Latex Mattresses

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What You Ought to Know About Latex Mattresses

Looking for a new mattress? It is quite a daunting task! Since the market is flooded with different varieties of sleeping mattresses, deciding one that is comfortable enough and good for your health is extremely difficult. Also, while deciding on a mattress, your mind will be filled with a myriad number of questions that revolve around its durability, value, cost and more.

So, to save you from such trouble, here we have detailed the information you should be aware of while buying a natural latex mattress in Perth.

Actually, What Is It?

Available on the market since the mid-1950s, natural latex mattresses are one of the healthiest options that contain no artificial elements. It uses latex, an organic material that is derived from the sap of rubber trees to provide you a comfortable sleep. While other bed mattresses are made from chemicals such as gel foam or memory foam that affects your body temperature.

Different Types of Latex Foam Mattress

Generally, latex mattresses are divided broadly into three categories that include,

  • Natural latex
  • Blended latex
  • 100% synthetic latex

Among the three types of latex mattresses, natural mattresses are considered to be the best option for people who are very cautious about health and environment.

Manufacturing Process of Latex Foam Mattress

Latex foam mattresses are made in two ways,

  • Talalay process and
  • Dunlop process.

Talalay Process

This involves combining synthetic materials with air to create soft feeling foam.

Dunlop process

The natural latex mattress is made firmer through Dunlop process.

Properties of Natural Latex Mattresses


Natural latex mattresses from the leading mattress manufactures in Perth are well-known for their durability and breathable nature. These mattresses can lasts for a long time say more than 15 years based on the material used. Most of these mattresses come with warranty that helps you to protect it from potential product failures that might decrease its life.


Natural latex mattresses provide the same level of support offered by a memory foam mattress. These mattresses respond quickly to your body position, conform to your body’s natural curves and reduce your back pressure. Furthermore, its flexible level of support helps you to change your positions effortlessly at night.

Why Latex Mattress Is a Better Option?

The major advantage of buying latex mattress is that it contains no chemical odour when it is new. These mattresses do not contain any chemical retardants or VOC compounds that are toxic to your personal health.

Buying a mattress is a matter of personal choice! But, investing in a mattress in Perth that offers more comfort and comes with more benefits pays more.

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