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Our Mattresses

We have built our mattresses on comfort & support, not to price.

Our primary focus is producing the finest quality mattress for the human body. By ordering your mattress direct from our facility you get the perfect mattress fast and hassle free. Remember all our mattresses come with a 90 night satisfaction guarantee!

The GelFlex

Primary Component: Pocket Spring
This is a 3 zoned pocket spring mattress with multi layered high resilient materials including support base and microcoils, housed within supportive side rails.

The Natural

Primary Component: Latex
Includes 100% Pure natural latex with no fillers on top of a high resilence foam support layer. Topped with a Gel or Hygroflex comfort layer and enclosed with supportive side components. Covered in our zip off washable natural Bamboo cover.

The Cirro

Primary Component: Foam
Unique materials and design outperforming any mattress on market. Ultra High Density Cold Cured Pantera Foams with 7 Zones profiled cut surface, Hygroflex comfort layer and mattress side support.

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All of our mattresses come with a special 90 Night guarantee. If you are not satisfied with your comfort or support level during our 90 Night period, you can upgrade, swap and change!