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Our Process

PMI Process materials
Finest Quality Materials

Producing what we believe to be the best mattress on the market starts with sourcing the finest components. Our research and development team has sourced the best materials from around the globe.

Custom made mattress Perth
Custom Production

Every mattress is hand assembled according to customer specification. Variance in hardness or the component specifications can all be tailored to a customer request.

Tempur Mattress Perth
Customer Satisfaction

We are confident our mattress will give you the best night sleep you ever had. So much so that if you are not satisfied within 90 nights – we will exchange the mattress for a harder or softer one. We will refund your money if your still not happy.

The Best Night’s Sleep.

Myth or reality? Well, a Perth Mattress Innovations mattress has quality materials and is built & designed to give you optimum comfort and support while you sleep. So we believe in human science.

The best mattress delivered
for you with no excuses.

We have built our mattresses on comfort and support, not to price.


Development and research into achieving maximum comfort


Finest quality materials are used for components.


Mattresses created in Western Australia

Direct Sales

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