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Custom Designed Mattresses

Our Specialty Is Custom Designed Mattresses

Perth Mattress Innovations hand-assemble and custom-make our products at our facility in Western Australia. Our team of production craftsmen have been creating wonderful mattresses for over 20 years with the aim of producing 'The Best Mattress You've Ever Owned'. It is our belief and that of our many satisfied customers, that we have achieved that goal.</p> <p>Our mattresses are designed and manufactured especially for your comfort needs, with all of our materials and components 100% assembled in Australia.
Welcome to the home of the ``No Sag, No Body Impression Mattress``!
Materials Make All The Difference

Finest selection of micro-coil, all natural latex, premium foam and gel infused memory foams in our sleep products.

Premium Foam Mattress at Perth Mattress Innovations

Plush, Medium or Firm?

You select the hardness of your new mattress, choose a plush for a soft or maybe a firm for more support - it's totally up to you. And knowing what goes into your new mattress we feel is just as important to you as the result. If you were to gaze through the layers of a Perth Mattress Innovations mattress you would find luxurious components like FusionGel, Viscoflex and Pantera - highest quality materials that have been designed to perfectly contour to body shape.</p> <p>The end result? Great Sleep. Awake with a new idea of what a goodnight's rest really is!

Protection and prevention qualities.

What goes around your new Perth Mattress Innovations mattress? Each of our mattresses are delivered with benefits in reducing allergy symptoms and providing resistence to notorious dust mites. Our machine washable, 2-piece zip on/off breathable Hypoallergenic Mattress Covers arrive already fitted. The GelFlex and Cloud mattresses have a plush quilted cotton cover while the Natural includes a Bamboo all natural fabric cover.

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We have three categories of mattress. For Pocket Spring choose the GelFlex, for Latex choose the Natural and for Foam select the Cirro.